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Humble Beginnings

As young boys, brothers Bene, Joe and Kelly would work from sun up to sun down and even in the evenings picking asparagus or working in other labor intense jobs that their father Benito Medelez Sr had them do.   They did not know it then but their father was building a hard working quality in each of his boys that would pay off later down the road. At the tender age of 17 Bene Jr, was handed down a farm truck from his father and later helped his brothers each get a farm truck of their own.

With 3 farm trucks the brothers migrated from South Texas to Eastern Washington and started working for small farmers doing small trucking jobs. As word got around of the excellent service the brothers were providing the opportunities and jobs began to grow. Slowly the brothers pivoted towards over the road semi trucks with a greater emphasis on agricultural jobs that suited their work habits of working from sun up till sun down. The brother all drove, did their own repairs, and contracted other owner operators that shared their same principals to do bigger and bigger jobs.

As the years went by the brothers continued to flourish and continued to grow. Fast forward to today, the brothers are still hard at work putting in over 50 hours of work each week and trying to pass along the baton to their kids. If your around Hermiston at any of our jobs sites don't be surprised to see any of the owners around still hard at work.

Then vs. Now

As Medelez has grown they have been able to diversify within the trucking industry and out of it. We now run two separate over the road motor carriers BJK Transport and Medelez Inc, we also have a full time freight brokering company BM Brokerage, two retail truck parts stores located in Hermiston OR, BJK Truck Parts, and Triple M Truck and Equipment, other business that we currently own and operate are a custom harvesting division that harvest peas and sweet corn, and cattle ranch in Pilot Rock OR.